Choosing whether or not living in the city or the county can be a tough decision for yourself and your family with the advantages and dis-advantages. There are  many factors to consider such as cost of commuting, privacy, wear and tear on vehicles and most importantly quality of life for your family.


Quiet, very quiet. The sound of birds chirping in the morning sun while you sit on you front porch drinking you first cup of coffee for the day.

The views. Being able to view the shining stars on a clear night or overlooking the deer munching on evergreen trees from your kitchen window.

The benefit of having the option to not lock you front door without fear of break ins. In fact, living rurally project a helpful and greater sense of community from fellow neighbors’, friends, family and even strangers. .

Cost of living is generally cheaper than urban living but the cost of commuting is greater as anything with in 50kms is “close”

Stores lose early

Everyone knows everyone, no secrets can be kept.


Doing anything and everything that is desired to do at any point of the day- “city that never sleeps”

Wide variety of accommodation options are generally available such as loft apartments, flat houses, skyscrapers, etc.

Public transportation available all the time resulting in no need for a car (environmentally and financially) but traffic can be quite heavy.

Variety of job and/or careers are offered in the city! This could also be a negative point as jobs/careers can be very competitive with the number of qualified applicants in the area.

Crime Rate is higher.

Lifestyle is more expensive.

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